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Brathwaite Property was awarded the commercial and industrial prize for its outstanding management of the Western QBE centre in Station Street, Parramatta. We are delighted to see this year’s winners epitomising two completely different spectrums of Australia’s property management industry – a highly specialised scientific facility and a competitive commercial office building,” Ms Joslin said. The quote will likewise contain temporary insights about the different parts of the property conveyancer being referred to. While many of our CBD buildings are leaders in the property management field, it’s not often that Antarctica gets a look-in in this area. It’s the last place on earth people would think about.

Under extreme conditions, Resolve designed a system for the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic stations which monitors and controls water supply, heating, fire, mechanical and electrical systems.Braithwaite Property managed to turn around the fortunes of the Western QBE Centre. They retained tenants, increased the yield to building owners and undertook a major refurbishment program.

The chapter went on to consider subsequent – and in some cases still ongoi ng – developments in the in stitutional fabric of regional econom ic development.This tax would apply to a huge range of businesses in Parramatta, Chatswood, Bondi Junction, St Leonards, North Sydney and the City, not just shopping centres,” said group spokesperson Mark Quinlan.

We are extremely concerned that if the PTA’s plan becomes reality, business in Sydney’s major centres will be taxed with no pay-back in reduced traffic congestion. We’re told this is merely a kite flying exercise, yet it is clear that not much thought has been given to the consequences.So far the media focus has just been on shopping centres, but there is a far bigger story to tell behind this tax.

But why t h e long prologue to the assessment of pr ogress? The reason for outlining these institutional and organisational issues is not to provide a whole set of excuses for any shortcom ings in the progr ess of the RES. in the main, the challenges faci ng SEEDA have been no greater than those facing other RDAs and SEEDA has h a d the great advantage of a buo y a nt regi onal economy which lack s the scale and intensit y of deprivatio n in (say ) th e North West or the challenges of rem o t e ness and per i pherality tha t m u st be confronted in the South West.

We’re pleased the Government has softened the PTA’s original proposal by exempting RSL clubs from paying the tax but the announcement does not go anywhere near what we’ve been asking for," Ms Joslin said.The Property Council has made it very clear that it won’t accept anything less than the complete abolition the PTA’s cynical revenue raising proposal which is unfairly aimed at shoppers and businesses.

The last thing the community and business wants is another tax increase that will force people to pay for parking in shopping centres and cost CBD businesses at least $30 million. Ms Joslin also said a proposal to double and extend the Sydney car park levy should also be scrapped. The Government has ample opportunity in the May budget to shake off the dubious title of being Australia’s highest taxing State," Ms Joslin said.